[c-nsp] new Cisco routers 1800/2800/3800

Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson at pipex.net
Sat Oct 2 18:24:55 EDT 2004

Ryan O'Connell wrote:
> Cisco don't have any experience - that I know of - in SMP kernels, so at 
> least with the current IOS I think a true load-sharing arrangement is 
> unlikely. What they do have a vast amount of expertise in is distributed 
> processing, which again ties in with offloading things like L2TP tunnels 
> to a seperate processor...

Cisco were asking customers what we'd like the 2nd core to do a couple
of months ago.

I can see how L2TP offload would help those that need it, but what I
was hoping for was a relatively basic split of functionality between
interrupt forwarding (ie CEF) on one CPU core, and anything else such
as control plane (good), slow-path (less good), etc on the other core.
This could be done simply, or presented as if it was dCEF and give us
rACLs/source-track/etc into the bargain.
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