[c-nsp] Remote shutdown of a vip2/50

Cameron.Dry at didata.com.au Cameron.Dry at didata.com.au
Mon Oct 4 21:34:09 EDT 2004

Prolly a bit late, but try this:

test rsp slot mask <slot>
test rsp stall

This will logically remove the VIP from the router. You can then
physically replace or remove the VIP. Once this is done, use:

test rsp slot unmask <slot>
test rsp stall

to reactivate the VIP. 

This also allows you to logically do an OIR without
having to be onsite.  



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I have a 7513 in a remote location that has a vip crashing every 20-30 
mins and causing other circuits on the router to drop packets - OIR is 
causing 100% cpu.

I wont be ably to access the router physicaly until Tuesday (argh) only
customer on the vip is also connected via a backup link so what I 
would like to do is shut the vip down so it stops rebooting.

Google has come up blank, is this even possible?


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