[c-nsp] Why so many 'NOTE: This command is deprecated. Pleaseuse...'?

Josh Duffek consultantjd16 at ridemetro.org
Tue Oct 5 09:30:36 EDT 2004

Yeah I didn't even pay attention...sorry...definitely a bug.


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> From: Stephen Stuart [mailto:stuart at tech.org]
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> To: Josh Duffek
> Cc: Aaron Daubman; cisco-nsp
> Subject: Re: [c-nsp] Why so many 'NOTE: This command is deprecated.
> Pleaseuse...'?
> > Not much to it...cisco decided to change the command, possibly to
> > up the parser or just make it less confusing for customers.
> Recommending a command identical to the one claimed to be deprecated
> seems to have resulted in more confusion, not less, since from Aaron's
> question it appears that they decided to replace the command with an
> exact replica (much like the contents of Steven Wright's apartment).
> Perhaps an if-test is missing from the CLI to only issue the
> "deprecated command" warning if a deprecated command was used?
> Stephen

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