[c-nsp] PIX IP Aliasing

rwcrowe at comcast.net rwcrowe at comcast.net
Tue Oct 5 12:37:50 EDT 2004

Unless I'm unclear on your requirements, you don't really need a secondary interface, just a free public IP address from your external pool.

To translate tcp port 80:

static (inside,outside) tcp x.x.x.x 80 y.y.y.y 80

To translate udp port 53:

static (inside,outside) udp x.x.x.x 53 y.y.y.y 53

You can translate either tcp or udp and any port.
Where x.x.x.x is a free public IP address and y.y.y.y is the IP address of the internal host.

Rob Crowe
rwcrowe at comcast.net

> We have a 515E PIX... I'm trying to add a secondary interface to the
> Outside.  This is so I can setup port translations to map to an internal
> box (two ports).
> I've done this using the interface IP before and it worked but I'd like
> this to be done a secondary IP on the same interface.. can this be done?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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