[c-nsp] bgp bestpath compare-routerid

Brian Feeny signal at shreve.net
Tue Oct 5 15:29:53 EDT 2004

Are many of you using bgp bestpath compare-routerid?

I thought about using it here, so that when routers reboot, or links  
flap, I have
a semi-deterministic way of engineering the traffic.  Alot of my links,  
are from providers
where AS_PATH is the same.  So the decision comes down to who was up  
the oldest.
The thing is, if I have alot of traffic weighted to one link, I will  
use some route-maps and
set localpref to move some of the bigger AS's off that congested link  
and balance things.
But if a link flaps, it screws all my engineering to hell since  
everything now shifts like musical

So by using compare-routerid, I can get somewhat of a  
semi-deterministic way of how things will
lay out, and make changes based on that (I realize AS_PATH's can change  
over time based on
peering, etc).

Any ideas of why this is good / bad?


Brian Feeny, CCIE #8036, CISSP    	e: signal at shreve.net
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