[c-nsp] IP Cache logs and BGP

Amol Sapkal amolsapkal at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 23:46:01 EDT 2004

Hi Guys,

I am running BGP with a couple of upstream providers who give me the
routes for most of the destination networks.

My 'sh ip cache' output shows the below:            00:04:50  Se11/1/1            00:08:49  Se11/1/1          00:00:34  Se11/1/2           00:09:42  Se11/1/1          00:02:33  Se11/1/1          00:14:25  Se11/1/0             00:00:21  Se11/1/1          00:02:12  Se11/1/0          00:23:28  Se11/1/0          00:33:01  Se11/1/1           00:15:17  Se11/1/0           00:10:40  Se11/1/0          00:19:33  Se11/1/0           00:03:44  Se11/1/0           00:16:44  Se11/1/1           00:26:48  Se11/1/2          00:02:00  Se11/1/1          00:08:21  Se11/1/2          00:05:33  Se11/1/0         00:17:32  Se11/1/0           00:06:52  Se11/1/1

I am no way related to the 12.x.x.x network ( I get many many /30
networks of 62.x.x.x, 63.x.x.x.x, 69.57.x.x to which I am no way
related directly)

I understand the column one could be the accessed networks. But then,
the last column (4th) shows me the Next hop IP which has utterly
nothing to do with my network.

I may be wrong in my interpretation of the Next-Hop column, pls help
to clarify the above behaviour.

Is it normal?

Warm Regds,

Amol Sapkal

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind 
- Mahatma Gandhi

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