[c-nsp] Search for bugs for 12.3.11T using bug toolkit

David Luyer david at luyer.net
Thu Oct 7 01:57:33 EDT 2004

There are no bugs in IOS.


(perhaps someone's decided to mark every bug "internal"?  how often do
you hear "that's an internal bug" from Cisco?)

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> Subject: [c-nsp] Search for bugs for 12.3.11T using bug toolkit
> Hi folks,
> I can't seem to find any bugs using the bug toolkit for 12.3.11T IOS.
> I even did all features and nothing came back.  I searched for GRE which I
> know there is a bug with and still came back with "Sorry, no bugs were
> found
> for the search criteria you entered. Please refine your search or start
> over". Seems like that's what I get no matter what IOS I put in ???
> Thanks.
> Luan

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