[c-nsp] CSM-S Question

mike butash der.mikus at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 00:00:20 EDT 2004

We've had good luck with the CSM's, we migrated away from foundry due
to weird bugs, and repetetive spanning-tree issues that would loop and
crash the network.  Haven't had any of this since.  Performance-wise,
it rocks and we've had no major issues with it.

The only real major issue we've run into is their snmp mibs for the
SLB-EXT set specific for the CSM's has been broken for proper indexing
of reals and server farms, but supposedly has been fixed in latest
cat6500 code.  We couldn't utilize this for monitoring because it was
so broken, and even bought an HSE because Cisco swore up and down it
would adequately provide monitoring, but it was worthless due to the
same snmp bugs (later got shipped back).

The only thing I'd say to make sure of is if you load balance multiple
subnets/vlans bridged for transparent client/server, you have to be
aware of issues between clusters that need to talk to each other. 
Basically, hosts on the server vlan cannot talk to vips in the same
client/server vlan unless doing nat, but this was the same on Foundry,
and probably consistent for any vendor that uses the bridged approach.
 Something to keep in mind for design if you go down this path, but
ask your SE to bring in a content specialist (particularly from the
old arrowpoint team if you can - they seem most sharp) to help in the
design and implementation.


On Thu, 7 Oct 2004 09:09:27 -0700, Vish Yelsangikar
<vyelsangikar at netflix.com> wrote:
> Anyone has any experiences, good or bad, with CSMs on 6500?  Right now
> we are CSS shop and thinking of upgrading to CSM or some other SLB
> vendor.
> Thanks.
> Vish
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