[c-nsp] PPPoE termination on 2620

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Mon Oct 11 16:17:12 EDT 2004

Dennis Peng <dpeng at cisco.com> writes:

> While PPPoEoE will work on the 2620, it isn't officially "supported"
> (we don't test broadband aggregation features on the low-end
> platforms). That said, I doubt you will have problems with this type
> of application. The 2600 has a maximum upper limit of 300 interfaces,
> so that is one constraint. But I believe the CPU will be a bigger
> constraint. I don't know how many sessions you are thinking or what
> type of traffic load you expect in these deployments, but just keep an
> eye on the CPU and you should be fine.

According to my sources, under 12.2T, 12.3, and 12.3T, the number of
IDBs goes to 800 (from the 300 you mentioned in previous releases) on
the 2600 platform.

Does a PPPoE(oE) interface eat one IDB, or two?  I'm doing some
similar stuff (running PPPoE(oE) on
non-supported-but-the-code-is-there platforms) and watching my CPU, so
I'm kinda curious...  "show idb" shows that it eats a hardware IDB,
but is there a software IDB in play too?



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