[c-nsp] PPPoE termination on 2620

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Mon Oct 11 17:19:33 EDT 2004

Siva Valliappan <svalliap at cisco.com> writes:

>> that said in recent code it's possible to do PPPoE termination over
>> VLAN interfaces without using an IDB for the PPPoE session.
> i got it reversed.  the savings is on the VLAN IDB side (if you were
> configuring VLANs for each PPPoE session).  with the IDBless PPPoEoVLAN
> termination method, you don't need to use an IDB for each VLAN (you still
> use an IDB for the PPPoE session).  you will have to use the "vlan-range"
> command tho'

Whew, thanks for the quick correction; I was about to reach for the
roll of duct tape and take a couple of turns around my head to keep it
from exploding.  That makes a whole lot more sense.  :)


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