[c-nsp] Reading config from disk0: on 7204VXR?

Mike Bacher isp-list at tulsaconnect.com
Tue Oct 12 10:47:25 EDT 2004

Hi all,

We are using a 7204VXR/NPE300/256MB for our DSL agg w/RBE (bridging). 
As such, we have an ATM subint for every DSL customer.  Our config is 
growing rather large, and with 128K of NVRAM, we are forced to compress 
the config when writing.  Writes are starting to take forever, which 
impacts our automated DSL provisioning tool.  We have a 128MB flash disk 
installed as disk0: and want to figure out if we can:

1. Have the router read its startup-config from disk0: at boot time
2. Have the router write its running-config to disk0: when a "write" 
command is issued
3. Speed up the write command to an acceptable level

If anyone can provide any conf snippets to allow us to do the above, it 
would be greatly appreciated (especially how to get the router to read 
the startup-config from disk0 at boot time).  Also, if anyone has any 
other suggestions on how to speed up writes, that would be appreciated 
as well.


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