[c-nsp] Reading config from disk0: on 7204VXR?

Siva Valliappan svalliap at cisco.com
Tue Oct 12 16:56:07 EDT 2004

you may also want to look into the pvc-range commands to see if it
may be applicable to your environment (if you have not already done so).



On Tue, 12 Oct 2004, Mike Bacher wrote:

> Hi all,
> We are using a 7204VXR/NPE300/256MB for our DSL agg w/RBE (bridging).
> As such, we have an ATM subint for every DSL customer.  Our config is
> growing rather large, and with 128K of NVRAM, we are forced to compress
> the config when writing.  Writes are starting to take forever, which
> impacts our automated DSL provisioning tool.  We have a 128MB flash disk
> installed as disk0: and want to figure out if we can:
> 1. Have the router read its startup-config from disk0: at boot time
> 2. Have the router write its running-config to disk0: when a "write"
> command is issued
> 3. Speed up the write command to an acceptable level
> If anyone can provide any conf snippets to allow us to do the above, it
> would be greatly appreciated (especially how to get the router to read
> the startup-config from disk0 at boot time).  Also, if anyone has any
> other suggestions on how to speed up writes, that would be appreciated
> as well.
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