[c-nsp] OC192 for 7600/6500?

Bill Wichers billw at waveform.net
Tue Oct 12 23:53:54 EDT 2004

> Anyone know if a OC192 line card exists for the 76xx/65xx? Didn't see
> anything on cisco.com ..

AFAIK, the only OC192 cards available are for the 12000 series routers and
I would imagine the CRS system too (I haven't looked at that one too much,
aside from being impressed that there is a POS OC768 card for it). There
are OC192 cards available for the Cerent/ONS equipment too.

The 76xx/65xx series do have 10 gig Ethernet interfaces available. Perhaps
those would work in your application instead of the OC192? They both work
pretty much the same if you are lighting dark fiber.


Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator

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