[c-nsp] Weird telnet problem on 7204VXR

Mike Bacher isp-list at tulsaconnect.com
Wed Oct 13 08:15:07 EDT 2004

Dennis Peng wrote:
> It's a bug. If you do a "show line vty X", you should see "Ctrl-C
> Enabled" under the "Status" for the line. This causes the Username
> prompt to timeout immediately when you try to use that line. It should
> only effect one of the vty lines (although it may be vty 0 which is
> the worst), but if you telnet back to the router right away, you
> should get another line which should not have this problem. There is
> no way to clear the condition, short of a reload.
> If you have ATM on this box and recently did an "atm ping" command,
> you could be running into CSCdx55178. If not, I'd be interested to
> find out what commands were recently executed on the vty, if you have
> command accounting or some such enabled. Thanks.
> Dennis

This box is used as a DSL aggregator and we very frequently use the "atm ping" 
command.  However, it is never done interactively -- we always use the full 
comand when doing it, so CSCdx55178 may not be the case here.  I'll query my 
staff to find out for sure.


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