[c-nsp] Alternative to AToM Tunnel Select?

Adam Strawson adam at thepub.cx
Fri Oct 15 14:06:57 EDT 2004


I have a small scale AToM configuration that uses the "AToM Tunnel Select" 
feature to force a specific path through the network per subscriber 
without any fallback/re-routing.  Specifically we have ..

   pseudowire-class Path1
    encapsulation mpls
    preferred-path interface Tunnel1 disable-fallback
   interface Fastethernet0/0.3
    encapsulation dot1q 3
    xconnect <IP> <VC ID> pw-class Path1
   [where Tunnel1 is built with an explicit path]

This works well but gives 2 problems that I'm considering before a wider 
scale deployment ...

1) The "AToM Tunnel Select" is limited to 12.0S right now that limits our 
PE platform choice [we use 7200s with L2 VLAN handoff via some cheap 
switches today].

2) Our NOC would find it easier to manage without the L2 VLAN handoff ... 
so ideally we'd like a solution where we could deploy something like 
the 3750 Metro switch as the PE.

Does anyone here have ideas [or ideally experience] of building a 
moderately large scale deployment of AToM where each path is explicitly 
configured and failover is disabled without using "AToM tunnel select" 
and/or using a small L3 switch as a PE?  If so, PLEASE point me in the 
right direction!


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