[c-nsp] Alternative to AToM Tunnel Select?

Ian Dickinson ian.dickinson at pipex.net
Sun Oct 17 17:41:02 EDT 2004

Adam Strawson wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Eric Osborne wrote:
>> By "AToM where each path is explicitly configured", do you really mean 
>> you want
>> to steer different AToM VCs along their own individual paths, without 
>> regard to IP shortest cost?
> Yes, thats exactly what I mean though the VC traffic must fail rather 
> than re-route if part of its path fails.

Depending if you need LDP for anything else, you could set up the TE
tunnels you want with 'mpls ip' but NOT set 'mpls ip' on your physical
interfaces.  This is an analogue to one-hop primary tunnels for FRR
support, and the directed LDP session that the ATOM xconnect runs over
will only run over a configured tunnel.  I can think of all sorts of 
reasons why this might not fit though, and the 12.0S preferred-path
feature is much more specific.
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