[c-nsp] Catalyst 5505 RSM/ROMMON

Tim Franklin tim at colt.net
Mon Oct 18 04:42:18 EDT 2004

cisco-nsp-bounces at puck.nether.net wrote:

> I have a Catalyst 5505 with a RSM that has an unknown password set on
> it. The password recovery procedure involves connecting a console
> cable and entering the ROMMON mode, but no matter how hard I try
> I can't get this thing to enter ROMMON.
> The console screen is totally blank and won't respond to any
> keystrokes (including Ctrl+break) until the RSM actually boots up and
> displays "Press RETURN to get started."
> All keystrokes work after that.

Could be that the console-as-configured-by-confreg and the
console-as-configured-by-line-con are set to different baud rates.  I've
seen this before where I've upped the console to 115k2 to xmodem in an
image, but still had a "standard" config on the box that sets con 0 to 9600.

Try stepping through some different speeds on your terminal and see if any
of them get regular boot output.


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