[c-nsp] Disappearing Interfaces in config

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Oct 18 23:32:05 EDT 2004

On Mon, 18 Oct 2004, Church, Chuck wrote:

> It's my understanding that the router config is 'created' by the router
> parsing all the data structures for interfaces, protocols etc.  Sounds
> like a bug has caused it to stop seeing all these things, even though
> what's missing.  Is this router low on memory, possibly affecting the
> real-time creation of the config?  On the other hand, I'd be reluctant

I regularly see this on AS5200's due to memory starvation/fragmentation.
If you write mem once this has begun, odds are you will lose portions of
the config.  Assuming the 7206 in question has been modified many times
and done many write mem's, I'd be very afraid of config loss when it does
eventually reboot.  Hopefully you can piece together what should be there
from rancid, show int, and perhaps your telco ordering records.

It may be that if you shut the ATM interface with all the customers on it
or shut off whatever routing protocols are in use, that might free up
enough / large enough blocks of RAM to get one final proper write mem out
of it before doing a reload.  That's probably what I'd try...but I'd still
be prepared to start from scratch in case it didn't work.

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