[c-nsp] IOS 12.3(6a) and default BGP metric of "network" installed routes

Brian Feeny signal at shreve.net
Tue Oct 19 11:03:18 EDT 2004

Disregard this.  I had been up way to late.  The routes on the 12.3 
router were being installed in the Route Table
via OSPF, so carried over there metric ( of course), on the 12.2.26 the 
routes were being nailed with statics, and
so did not have a metric.


On Oct 19, 2004, at 9:58 AM, Brian Feeny wrote:

> I was noticing on a router today running IOS Version 12.3(6a), that 
> routes that were
> installed into BGP using the "network" command, were showing a default 
> metric of 20.
> On other routers I maintain with different versions of IOS, 12.2.26 
> for example, these are installed
> with metric of 0.  Was there a change in this behavior somewhere or is 
> something else probably
> responsible for the metric being 20.
> Brian
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