[c-nsp] 7200 PA-GE interface resets

Beatty Lane-Davis BLaneDavis at woosh.com
Tue Oct 19 21:28:51 EDT 2004

Thanks Bruce,

> Hmm, both of those DDTS's you reference are about stuck interface hold
> queues, not interfaces that spontaneously reset.   Got a 
> version number?

12.2(15)T2 and I'm hoping to be upgrading that to 6.3 in the immediate
future ;-)

> The interface resets would occur for failure to transmit 
> after a number of retries.  Any number of reasons for that, 
> including the media, bug, lack of resources, etc.  Any 
> messages in the log prior to the interface resetting?

Nothing.  And actually, looking again, it doesn't appear that the
interface down message showed up in the router's logs, but it definitely
showed up on the switch.  Very strange, what could cause the two to
disagree on something so fundamental?

> The "mostly switched in and out the same GE interface" would 
> grab my attention WRT the ignores.  I'm wondering if that 
> interface is starved for buffers given that inbound and 
> outbound packets are fighting for the same resources and 
> queue allocations rather than the load being shared across a 
> separate inbound and outbound interface.

Sorry, should have gotten into this in the first message, TAC's
explanation for the ignored's essentially boiled down to a
head-of-lineish blocking issue.  On the other side of this box is an ATM
STM-1 with a heap of low-rate PVC's hanging off it.  TAC's explanation
is that when the ATM interface has to buffer packets and does so by
seizing particle buffers from the gig interface causing ignored to
increment there.  
I asked the same questions of endless TAC escalation people: is the
traffic vector part of the problem here?  They assured me that no, this
should work fine, but...


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