[c-nsp] the incredible disappearing (and reappearing) flash disk

Robert E.Seastrom rs at seastrom.com
Wed Oct 20 14:22:08 EDT 2004

Please don't make fun of my ultra-ghetto utterly unsupported config.  :)

I've got a couple of 7010s with RSP7000s in them.  Bootflash is
rsp-boot-mz.122-24.bin; running-IOS is rsp-isv-mz.123-8.T.bin (this
also happened with other versions).

I'm booting from a Sandisk 128mb compact flash chip in a CF to PCMCIA
adaptor in slot 0.

Every so often, at random intervals, RANCID detects the following
config change:

     !Memory: main 131072K/2072K
     !Memory: nvram 125K
     !Memory: bootflash 8192K
   - !Memory: pcmcia ATA slot0 125184K
   + !Memory: pcmcia Flash slot0 0K

followed 15 minutes or a half hour later by the config reverting to
normal (RANCID runs out of cron every 15 minutes):

     !Memory: main 131072K/2072K
     !Memory: nvram 125K
     !Memory: bootflash 8192K
   - !Memory: pcmcia Flash slot0 0K
   + !Memory: pcmcia ATA slot0 125184K

I've never had the router fail to boot, and the cards are well seated.

Anyone have any ideas?  Should I be concerned or should I just ignore it?


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