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> Hello,
> I've been trying to come up with a decent plan to offer backup
circuits to
> customers that works well.  We have something of an odd environment
> and most of the solutions I've run through fall short in one way or
> another.
> This is a cheap-o backup solution.  The scenario is that the client
has a
> Covad "Telextend" T1 with the backup line being a Covad SDSL.  I'm
> that this offers no protection against Covad going wonky.  We
> see that most of our client outages are due to Verizon mucking about
> things, so it actually works quite well.
> On the client side we're using Netopia gear and it handles cutting
> the outbound traffic well.
> To handle routing the client LAN block to SDSL and ADSL circuits, I
> OAM management on the pvcs and add two static routes to the interfaces
> (one with lower priority).  If one of the circuits fails, the route to
> that pvc gets yanked as OAM lets us get interface up/down status.
> The problem is with the "T1" circuits.  Covad brings these into T1
> in their DSLAMs and the does a frame<->ATM translation there.  Sadly
> don't configure the DSLAM to handle any of the ATM OAM stuff for these
> circuits, so from my router I have no way of getting the status of the
> circuit.
> First off, any suggestions for the above scenario?  I need some way to
> determine if the T1 is up or not, but since it's a virtual circuit and
> Covad does not support the standard signalling, I don't think there's
> anything I can do there.
> Second question, Covad has recently approved the Cisco 17xx series
> for the Telextend service.  With one of those in place, I could run
> over the T1 and put the SDSL router in bridge mode and also run OSPF
> that link.  The only problem there is that the T1 is a 1.5 Mb/s line
> the SDSL backup link is generally going to be a lower speed link so I
> don't want to "balance" the two lines, I want the SDSL to only be used
> the T1 is down.  What other options am I missing to make this happen?
> open to all sorts of nutty hackish ideas...
> Thanks,
> Charles
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