[c-nsp] one more question on WS-X6816-GBIC

Alexandre Snarskii snar at paranoia.ru
Thu Oct 21 04:57:30 EDT 2004


Documentation (http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/lan/cat6000/6000hw/mod_inst/01overvw.htm#wp1066786) says, that: 

The WS-X6816-GBIC must have a DFC3A daughter card installed to 
operate with the Supervisor Engine 720.

On the other hand, if any card with dfc3a installed into 6500/7600 with 
pfc3bxl/pfc3b, pfc's will operate in pfc3a mode.

So, the question is: does the first part of documentation just 
not upgraded to mean that WS-X6816-GBIC should have DFC3A to work 
with PFC3A, DFC3BXL to work with PFC3BXL and DFC3B to work with 
PFC3B and it must have any of DFC3's to operate with Sup720 at all? 
Or does this card supports only DFC3A ?

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