[c-nsp] Per Packet vs Per Destination Load Balancing

Christopher McCrory chrismcc at pricegrabber.com
Sat Oct 23 19:34:13 EDT 2004


On Fri, 2004-10-22 at 17:21, Chris Strandt wrote:
> Is there a performance impact or limitation with per destination load 
> balancing?
> It seems to me that with per destination, IOS has to keep track of the 
> source/destination pair.  Will this slow forwarding, or can this 
> negativly impact a router forwarding a DDOS attack?

(not quite answering you question, but giving you another data point) 

>From my experience (all of a week:) with balancing two T1 lines (ospf
+cef).  With per-packet; any traffic can use all the bandwidth.  With
per-destination; when one link is saturated, new traffic does _not_ tend
to migrate to the other less used circuit.  On a 2620, I didn't notice
any significant cpu usage either way.

> Thanks,
> -Chris

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