[c-nsp] Firewall/IDS Solution

Paul Stewart pauls at nexicom.net
Sat Oct 30 14:00:25 EDT 2004

I have been given the go-ahead to implement a firewall/IDS solution for
our network.  Looking for suggestions and feedback based on your

We are primarily a Cisco shop so it would make sense to move towards a
Cisco PIX type solution but it doesn't  have to be if there's something
better for our needs on the market...

Currently we have Cisco 7513 which is acting as our edge router taking 3
BGP feeds in and 1 BGP out.

It's connected via Fiber to our 6509 Catalyst which does VLAN routing
and all our core switching.

Finally we have a 5513 that isn't used very much anymore except for a
couple of fiber based distribution feeds to clients.

Everything we want to protect is on the 6509 directly connected at this
time so I thought it might make sense  to look at the firewall blade and
the IDS blade for the 6509??

Thanks for any suggestions and feedback..:)


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