[c-nsp] Adtran MX-2800 to PA-MC-T3

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Tue Aug 2 09:55:21 EDT 2005

	We have a problem that we have exhausted all available resources 
on solving, and we are running into a dead end. We have several T1 
circuits, from various LECs provisioned into a single MX-2800 MUX at our 
location. We then tie that mux into a PA-MC-T3 card on a 7507 in a 
VIP-2-50 to terminate the circuits. The DS-3 cabling is 25 feet in 
length and we have (per Cisco reccomendations) a 6 db attenuator on the 
PA-MC-T3 RX leg. We are running CBIT, w/ the MUX providing timing.

We continue to receive LCVs, C-Bit and P-Bit framing errors, and the DS1 
circuits will occasionally bounce.

So far we have tried:

1. Replacing the cabling.
2. Replacing the attenuators.
3. Replacing the PA-MC-T3 card.
4. Replacing the MX-2800 MUX.
5. Replacing the VIP-2-50 card.
6. Changing clocking directions.

We are running the following IOS:

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software 
IOS (tm) RSP Software (RSP-IK9SV-M), Version 12.3(15), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)

We have talked to a Cisco engineer who was at a loss. We talked to a user 
of this list who appeared to have the same problem, and he said his 
solution was to run a 75 foot cable w/ an attenuator on the end of it. We 
have NOT done that yet.

I CANNOT find anyplace to buy the ATTEN-KIT-PA online. Our thoughts are 
perhaps we can use progressivly higher attenuation (10,12,16,18 db) but I 
cannot order the kit anywhere. Cisco directs me to Insight, who doesn't 
stock it.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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