[c-nsp] c7200 - QoS on ATM subinterfaces/PVCs

Andris Zarins andris.zarins at microlink.lv
Tue Aug 23 15:51:05 EDT 2005


I'm tryin to configure QoS (PQ and shaping) on ATM PVC.

CCO documentation
te09186a00800d76b5.shtml) says configuration is pretty straightforward.
Below is sample configration from CCO, in my case situation is about the
same, only thing that differs is 'priority xxx' instead of 'bandwidth
percent xx'. 

policy-map child
 class prec2
  bandwidth percent 60
 class prec4
  bandwidth percent 20
 class class-default
policy-map parent
 class prec24
  shape average 10240000 40960 40960
  service-policy child
interface ATM5/0/0.1 point-to-point
 pvc 1/101
  vbr-nrt 50000 50000 94
  service-policy output parent

class-map match-all 3
  match ip dscp af31 
  match ip dscp af32 
  match ip dscp af33 
 class-map match-all 5
  match ip dscp ef 
 policy-map aaa
  class 5
   priority 128
  class 3
   priority 64
  class class-default
 policy-map AAA
  class class-default
   shape average 512000
   service-policy aaa

If I try to apply service-policy AAA to some PVC (not subinterface), and
immediately after that try to look at subinterface configuration ("do
show runn int atm2/0.134) - service-policy command is there (under 'pvc'
statement), like below:

interface ATM2/0.134 point-to-point
 ip address
 atm route-bridged ip
 pvc zzz 4/44
  service-policy output AAA

, but as I exit PVC configuration mode - following string appear at
logging buffer - "GTS : Not supported over ATM VCs", and there are no
service-policy like commands at subinterface configuration.

What's a bit interesting - if I try to configure same policy-map for
both - output and input, at first box says "GTS : Can be enabled as an
output feature only", what I believe means that GTS can't be enabled for
input (that's OK), but it should be supported as output feature, but
next string says the same as before - "GTS : Not supported over ATM VC".

Here comes question - is it supported or not? And if it is - how to
configure it correctly? Maybe it's not supported if PVC is UBR and I
should configure some VBR cell rates? 

Box is c7206-VXR running 12.3(2)T2 code. 


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