[c-nsp] Remote Access to MPLS VPN using 3Com LAC and Cisco LNS/PE

Raj Panchal raj.panchal at vsnl.co.in
Tue Nov 8 09:00:41 EST 2005


I am trying to setup L2TP tunnel on  LAC using 3Com Hiper ARC and LNS using
Cisco 7206 VXR. LNS is also acting as PE.

We want to use common radius for LAC and LNS and it's a Merit Radius.


LNS will require VRF aware parameters to be passed by the radius as a part
of LNS authentication for the L2tp tunnel.

Where as LAC is NON-MPLS aware

Does any one have sample config for the above mentioned situation?


I would like to know:

1.	Is it possible to use common radius for the LAC and LNS/PE which
will respond with selective parameters as applicable to 3com and selective
mpls aware parameters as applicable to Cisco
2.	How can we setup radius for 3com as LAC and Cisco as LNS 



Thanks in advance 



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