[c-nsp] PIX Failover and HSRP

Brian Desmond brian at briandesmond.com
Fri Nov 11 01:03:38 EST 2005

If this is what you're describing, then yes, it will work fine:

4500A ---T1--- 4500B
|			 |
V2			 V2
|			 |
PixA		    PixB

T1 = Trunk w/ vlan2 
V2 = Vlan 2

You might want to count the slots on your 4500 again, last time I checked,
they only came with 3, 6, 7, or 10 slots. :)

Brian Desmond
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Hello all


I need to connect two PIX in failover mode (one active and one standby) to
two different L3 switches and do HSRP between the switches. The Pix will
have as default GW the HSRP address of the switches.


 To be clearer I will connect the outside interface of active PIX to one of
the CAT4509 switch and the outside interface of the standby to the other
4509switch. The switch port will be configured as access-ports belonging to
a VLAN and an SVI interface will be created on each switch so as to enable
routing. HSRP will run between the SVI interfaces. The two switches will
also have a trunk connection so as to allow keepalive messages to be
exchange between the PIX outside Interfaces



Will the above scenario work?







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