[c-nsp] Non-default BGP hold / keepalive timers

David J. Hughes bambi at Hughes.com.au
Thu Nov 17 06:27:07 EST 2005

This is just a follow-up on an earlier thread.  When I first asked this 
question nobody could provide me with any data on tested values etc.  I 
thought I'd punt this to the list for the sake of general interest (and 
the archives :) just so the next person might have a point of 

To overcome the problem of silent failure of eBGP peers that are not 
directly attached (eg via an ethernet switch) we are running much 
reduced timers.  Default Cisco is 3 * 60 seconds.  Default Juniper is 3 
* 30 seconds.  We are running 3 * 5 seconds without a single flap.  No 
problems experienced in over a month with several different upstream 

And, as Bruce Pinsky has said before, this is no substitute for BFD or 
some other layer 2 fault detection mechanism.  But, hey, it may help 
out of BFD et al aren't an available option.


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