Cory Ayers cayers at ena.com
Wed Sep 14 17:22:55 EDT 2005

We have a 7609 and are using channelized OC-12 interfaces to aggregate
point-to-point T1 links.  Sites that are connected to the same chOC-12
card have no problem running MLPPP.  I am now attempting to configure a
site that is connected to multiple line cards and am seeing the
following error message:

%RP_MLP-4-MISCONFIGLINK: Links across linecards or dCEF disabled, giving
control to RP

Is it possible to run MLPPP across multiple line cards or is there
another solution to address this situation?  I looked at Multichassis
MLPPP, but it seems overkill as all circuits are in a single chassis.

Any help appreciated!


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