[c-nsp] subrate DS3 - can the remaining T1s be reused?

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Wed Feb 1 11:08:11 EST 2006


We've got a 2xT1 MLPPP and several voice T1s internally that we'd like 
to upgrade.  For cost reasons, we'd rather use unchannelized T3 
(PA-2T3+) cards instead of channelized (PA-MC-2T3+) cards.  Can we 
demux/mux both ends of the DS3 carrier circuit to use some of the T1s 
for voice/test purposes, while still using the PA-2T3+ cards in subrate 


PA-2T3+---M13---(perhaps 20 T1s direct-connected)---M13---[carrier ckt]

[carrier ckt]---M13---(perhaps 20 T1s direct-connected)---M13---PA-2T3+

Obviously, I'd need to set "dsu bandwidth 30880" or so, but would this 
work?  Do I always use T1s 1-N in this scenario?

Links are fine.  I just can't find any "under the hood" details to the 
subrate T3 cards on CCO.



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