[c-nsp] GE bundles: 7200 vs. 7300 vs. 7600

Kristofer Sigurdsson kristosig at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 11:17:31 EST 2006


2006/2/1, Emanuel Popa <emanuel.popa at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> If you need a router from Cisco that:
> - has at least three gigabit ethernet interfaces (SFP or GBIC)
> - supports OSPF, BGP, MPLS
> what would you choose and why from the following list:
> - CISCO7301 (3GE /w SFP, 256MB mem, 64MB flash) for $18,000
> - 7206VXR/NPE-G1 (3GE /w GBIC, 256MB mem, 64MB flash) for $22,000

These two are basically the same thing.  If you expect adding more
interface cards or
want to upgrade to a later NPE sometime later, take the 7206VXR,
otherwise, go for the
1RU 7301.

> - 7604-S323B-8G-P (8GE /w SFP, 256MB baseboard-mem, 256MB MSFC-mem, 256MB
> flash) for $16.000 (req. ADVANCED IP IOS - $10,000)

Beware, the 7600's have a lot of throughput, but it is a L3 switch and
isn't as versatile as the 7200/7301.  For this functionality,
MPLS/BGP, etc., you might want to consider the Sup720-3B(XL).

In all of these cases, I'd take at least 512 MB of memory for full BGP
tables.  If you don't need the throughput of the 7600's, taking the
7200/7301 instead will give you more options.


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