[c-nsp] 7206-VXR/NPE-300 memory problems

Mark Tinka mtinka at africaonline.co.zw
Thu Feb 2 07:14:48 EST 2006

On Thursday 02 February 2006 13:19, Charles Sporkman 
> Hello all,


> Some ideas I had included just taking customer routes
> from one provider, and ignoring any routes more
> specific than a /24.

This is what you should be doing anyway. Drop anything 
longer than a /24 on your full feeds (some networks will 
actually have a [much] shorter limit).

> I did try the customer route 
> option and while it did bring me down to 16K routes on
> that transit connection, it did not free up any memory
> on an inbound soft reconfig for that neighbor.

Disable 'inbound soft-reconfig' and go for Route Refresh 
instead (available since 12.0). Does the same thing for 
tons less the memory required.


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