[c-nsp] DWDM SFPs?

Tomasz Paszkowski tomasz.paszkowski at dcg.pl
Thu Feb 2 16:54:03 EST 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 02:13:55PM -0600, Church, Chuck wrote:
> Anyone,
>     In the process of writing internal documentation for a migration to
> 3560 and Sup720s, I noticed that DWDM gig ethernet SFPs don't seem to
> exist, at least not directly from Cisco.  I am not just finding them, or
> are they really not out there?  If that is the case, are there any
> future plans to produce them?

They appear on Cisco website, but they're quite expensive. Insted of them
I can offer you the same quality but lower priced items. I'am able
to provide you GE SFPs (all avaliable wave lengths 1470 - 1610) and
additionaly I have very cheap Cisco brand factory sealed items:

GLC-LH-SM (SFP LX) 260 $
GLC-SX-MM (SFP SX) 240 $
WS-G5486 (GBIC LX) 210 $
WS-G5484 (GBIC SX) 200 $


Tomasz Paszkowski
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