[c-nsp] Cisco Works LMS and VMS problem

Mihai Mincu mincu_mihai at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 03:06:33 EST 2006

Hi all!

I have 2 machines, one running Cisco Works LMS and the
other one running Cisco Works VMS.

I want to create two accounts: SecurityOfficer and
ConnectivityOfficer (with Network Operator or Network
Administrator priviledge), with the following

- the SecurityOfficer must be able to execute all
"crypto" related commands on all the managed routers,
but he must not be able to execute any of the commands
of the ConnectivityOfficer

- the ConnectivityOfficer must be able to execute "ip
route" and all "router bgp|ospf|eigrp" related
commands and subcommands and he must not be able to
execute the commands of the SecurityOfficer.

Can this be done?
Has anyone done this and would tell me where to start?

For the moment I'm trying to solve this in Cisco Works
LMS RME with 'User-defined tasks' but I have not
succeded yet. 

I also found that there is such a restriction
implemented in RME on the NetShow commands. Is there
something like this for config mode commands?

Thank you,


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