[c-nsp] GE bundles: 7200 vs. 7300 vs. 7600

Kristofer Sigurdsson kristosig at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 16:31:42 EST 2006

2006/2/2, Simon Leinen <simon at limmat.switch.ch>:
> Kristofer Sigurdsson writes:
> >> - 7604-S323B-8G-P (8GE /w SFP, 256MB baseboard-mem, 256MB MSFC-mem, 256MB
> >> flash) for $16.000 (req. ADVANCED IP IOS - $10,000)
> > Beware, the 7600's have a lot of throughput, but it is a L3 switch
> > and isn't as versatile as the 7200/7301.  For this functionality,
> > MPLS/BGP, etc., you might want to consider the Sup720-3B(XL).
> The Sup32 is mostly feature-identical to a Sup720-3B, because the
> switching hardware is the same (PFC3B).  It just doesn't have a
> switching fabric, and has a slightly wimpier MSFC.  But MPLS and BGP
> (and IPv6 etc.) work just fine on the Sup32.

...which means he can't use SIP/SPA or fabric cards like WS-X67xx, right?

That was what I meant by versitility.


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