[c-nsp] GE bundles: 7200 vs. 7300 vs. 7600

Kristofer Sigurdsson kristosig at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 07:54:51 EST 2006

2006/2/3, David Prall <dcp at dcptech.com>:
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> Sup32 doesn't have the fabric, but the SIP-200 and SIP-400 are supported. The SIP-600 is not supported since it requires the fabric.
> The data sheets only mention the Sup720-3B and 3BXL though.

I seem to remember an earlier conversation on this list regarding the issue of
SIP-200/400 cards with Supervisor 32, and if I recall correctly, a
Cisco employee stated
that it was not supported due to the Sup32 not having a fabric. 
Again, if I remember correctly,
you cannot use the SIP/SPA stuff with other supervisors than the Sup720-3B(XL).

Can't seem to find the thread just now, though...


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