[c-nsp] Using Lucent Ascend MAX als Dialin & Handover via L2TP ?

Garry gkg at gmx.de
Sun Feb 5 10:11:23 EST 2006


haldway off topic, but I've been trying to get this to running and
wondering if it's even possible ...

OK, so I have a couple Max 2000/4000 Routers flying around, nice for
ISDN/Modem dialin and pretty cheap to get. Sure, not state-of-the-art,
but nice to have none the less. We still have quite a few ISDN dialins,
and occasional Modem dialins (e.g. mobile) through them ... anyway, they
are end-of-support by Lucent (and have been quite some time), and they
themselves have to way of being integrated into MPLS (as far as I know).
But I saw they have support for l2tp - so I was wondering: Is it
possible to make them accept calls and hand the auth info over to a
Cisco router via l2tp and let it take care of the IP integration ...
that way, I could use the old routers for modern things like MPLS and
VRF ...

FWIW: Running TAOS 7.0.28 on 4000 (though they say L2TP disabled!?),
7.2.4 on the 2000 ...

Hints appreciated,


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