[c-nsp] SUP2 on 6509 Crashing with BGP

John van Oppen john at vanoppen.com
Mon Feb 6 06:35:10 EST 2006

I recently had a customer with a 7200 that only had 128 and they tried to take full routes from me (without asking my opinion on weather or not it would work) and their router rebooted itself right after it got the low memory console messages.   I think the behavior depends on how severe the memory deficiency is.   That being said, that may or may not be the same on the 6509 platform.

John :)

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On Sun, 5 Feb 2006, Richard J. Sears wrote:

> Hey Everyone -
> I am working on a 6509 with a SUP2 in IOS mode. I went to bring up BGP
> with two peers today and all went well until I tried to bring up the
> second peer.

What IOS version?  If it's recent, like 12.2SX*, you don't have enough 
RAM.  Regardless, that seems to be what the maloc fails are saying.  On a 
6509 Sup2 with not quite 2 full views, and 512mb RAM, I have 212390720 
free.  If I had 256MB less RAM, I'd be in trouble.

> -Traceback= 402382D8 4023A738 40234F84 40235784 407A225C 4077A524 4078C7F4 4078CCF4 4077FD18 40784E7C 4022EC9C 4022EC88
> Then both peers go down and the router reboots itself.

You might want to open a TAC case on that.  My experience with other 
ciscos, BGP, full tables, and insufficient RAM, is that the session resets 
and then tries again.  It shouldn't be crashing/rebooting just because it 
ran out of memory.

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