[c-nsp] Which IOS support IPv6 !!

Reuben Farrelly reuben-cisco-nsp at reub.net
Thu Feb 9 01:16:32 EST 2006

Yes unfortunately IPv6 is not in any of the basic images, you'll need to go for 
Advanced Enterprise or Advanced IP Services (or IP PLUS on some platforms). 
Which means $$$.

It is a little puzzling, as, having the requirement to purchase an expensive 
license upgrade to even *experiment* with IPv6 is probably not doing a lot to 
aid it's widespread deployment.  It does seem a bit unlikely that one would pay 
extra money upfront to upgrade to one of those featuresets just to get IPv6 when 
it's probably optional and of limited use right now in the real world (is there 
any organisation that won't run IPv4 and insists on use of IPv6?).

One would *hope* that in time if IPv6 ever takes off, that this feature would 
become part of the IPBASE or BROADBAND featuresets, like IPv4 is now.

I'd be curious to know if cisco has any plans to make this feature more 
accessible in basic images in the longer term.  Rodney or Oli can you offer your 
thoughts on this?


On 9/02/2006 6:43 p.m., Serge Vondandamo wrote:
> Hi Deepak,
> You can find it by using the Software advisor or IOS Upgrade Planner at
> http://www.cisco.com/kobayashi/support/tac/tools.shtml 
> You will have to precise the 3750 platform you are using to be able to find
> the correct IOS image - the 3750 Series have up to nine different models.
> The 12.2.25-SEE (ED) release (Advance IP Services) supports IPv6.
> Regards,
> Serge
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> hi ,
> I am looking for an IOS for cisco 3750 which support IPv6 .Can anyone tell 
> me which IOS supports it?
> Thanks,
> Deepak Goel
> Software Development Engineer

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