[c-nsp] Switch Craziness and maybe STP or bad ARP's

Raymond Macharia rmacharia at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 05:47:12 EST 2006

Hello Joseph

What you describe sounds like you you had an ARP issue. when a layer 2
device goes faulty it may spew out incorrect ARP information creating
problems for the entire network.
Unfrtunately with Layer 2 there is no quick fix to locating a problem, most
times you have to do what you did, elimination and isolation.
However there are Network TAPS which can be plugged into a network
transparently and are said to help. I am in the process of obtaining one to
play with to see if it will.
Anyone in the list with Network TAP knowledge, please shed some more light.



On 2/8/06, Joseph Jackson <JJackson at aninetworks.com> wrote:
> we
> finally traced it to a small work group switch that was coming off of
> our core LAN switch once we brought that down
> All communication come back up normally.  As its now late and I want to
> go home I haven\'t had a chance to test out the switch on our test
> network yet but I was wondering what you guys thoughts
> Were on this.  Why did that happen?  Is there any monitoring tools that
> ",1] ); //-->I could have used to track it down much faster than the hours
> it took
> for us?  We don't use any STP and no redundant connections on the
> switches.. Any thoughts?
> Thanks
> Joseph Jackson
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Raymond Macharia

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