[c-nsp] Re: Netflow & ntop

Melvin C. Etheridge mele at enia.net
Thu Feb 9 08:50:47 EST 2006

Do you need help with the Ntop config or the Cisco config?

I'm running the windows version of Ntop 3.2 for monitoring a 3640 that I use 
for my ADSL customers.


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> Hi,
>   I'm trying to use ntop as the netflow collecter for one of my Cisco box.
> I'm having difficulties in setting this up (lack of documentations on the
> subject). Has anyone out there been able do a similar setup? If yes, 
> please
> share your thoughts on :
> - is ntop able to act as a netflow collector (certain websites mentioned 
> that
>  the current ntop version doesn't support it)?
> - resources/tutorials/example on this kind of setup?
> Thanks,
> Kanagaraj Krishna
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