[c-nsp] PWE3 (pseudowire edge to edge emulation) on GSR?

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Thu Feb 9 09:06:19 EST 2006

   Does anyone have PWE3 pseudowire edge to edge emulation running on a 
GSR? When I look at Cisco's site I see all sorts of information about 
Any Transport over MPLS, but all the references to PWE3 have the words 
"being standardized" in them.

   I'd like to find someone who is doing this now as I'm working on a 
big interoperability project. My guess is that the software that 
supports this is something you have to get from one of the developers 
working in the area rather than via CCO.

   Here is the information on the GSR we're using for testing.


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