[c-nsp] Which IOS support IPv6 !!

Aaron Dudek adudek at sprint.net
Thu Feb 9 10:42:00 EST 2006

If they want to sell to the govt they have to do it anyways. V6 is 
not that new.


On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Pete Templin wrote:

> Reuben Farrelly wrote:
>> It is a little puzzling, as, having the requirement to purchase an expensive
>> license upgrade to even *experiment* with IPv6 is probably not doing a lot to
>> aid it's widespread deployment.  It does seem a bit unlikely that one would pay
>> extra money upfront to upgrade to one of those featuresets just to get IPv6 when
>> it's probably optional and of limited use right now in the real world (is there
>> any organisation that won't run IPv4 and insists on use of IPv6?).
> So Cisco should use some of their IETF IPv6 subsidy to pay for the
> development, or where did you think the money would come from to pay for it?
> pt
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