[c-nsp] catalyst 6509 bootloader

Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists Lists at Hojmark.ORG
Thu Feb 9 15:27:06 EST 2006

> The "show ver" command gives me : ROM: System Bootstrap,
> Version 12.1(11r)E1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

That's the MSFC bootstrap. What you want to upgrade is the SP
rommon, as that's what'll load the image and transfer control
to the MSFC.

> but "sh rom-monitor slot 2 rp" gives:
> Region F1: INVALID
> Region F2: INVALID
> Currently running ROMMON from S (Gold) region
> Is this a problem?

I believe that's not a problem, as the supervisor should still
be able to boot from the 'gold' region, which AFAIK can't be
over-written. (That'll likely be quite old, however).

You should be able to run 'upgrade rom <something forgotten>'
and then reload the switch.


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