[c-nsp] Stable IOS for a 6509

Higham, Josh jhigham at epri.com
Thu Feb 9 19:02:25 EST 2006

> From: Asbjorn Hojmark - Lists [mailto:Lists at Hojmark.ORG] 
> > We have a 6509 with Sup720, MSFC3 that we are putting into 
> production. 
> > We are running PVST+, HSRP, and want to use netflow, does 
> anyone have 
> > any recommendations about what version to use?  We want IOS rather 
> > than CatOS, although suggestions are welcome.
> See www.cisco.com/go/safeharbor

Sorry I wasn't clear.  We have looked at that, and the recommendation is
12.2(18)SXF.  However there are a couple of bugs that look non-trivial;
memory leak when using telnet, reboot when editing ACLs by line, netflow
problems (Sorry I don't have the bug ids handy).

I just wanted to compare some recommendations from the field with the
listed versions.


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