[c-nsp] L2TP tunnel persistence and routing

Mark Tohill Mark at u.tv
Fri Feb 10 06:33:44 EST 2006



We have 2 x 7200's terminating VPDN DSL traffic.

Each router has a Gig fibre link to providers switching infrastructure
and have an eBGP peering, both announcing PoP space.


In order to create tunnels, providers net depends on BGP to reach our
tunnel endpoints, one on each box. Due to current BGP announcements,
this means tunnels for both boxes arrive on the first box. L2TP traffic
destined to be terminated on second box travels over internal gig link.


We want to change this either via statics being implemented by Provider
or using BGP /32 announcements for our Loopback.


Would such diversion of L2TP traffic bound for second box bring down the
tunnels i.e users ?


Any thoughts appreciated.




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