[c-nsp] Routing within a L2TP session using VPDNs

Alex Foster afoster at gammatelecom.com
Fri Feb 10 12:34:37 EST 2006

Hi Kristo

Thanks for this - Im not planning on using radius to authenticate the
tunnel setup.  In our situation the client network will already have an
address (the LAC is a Telindus 1221 ADSL box that is shipped out to the
customer - pre-configured).  The client network sits on the back of the
same box.  The ADSL part of the connection is authenticated through
Radius but not the L2 tunnel.  Once the l2 tunnel is established - I
need to be able to route the client network from the LNS - at the moment
the only way I've been able to do this is by configuring static routes
that point to the tunnel IP address on the LAC.

When using a VPN Concentrator you can specify the remote networks in a
network-list that acts as a route statement (for LAN-to-LAN sessions),
Im wondering if there is a similar command in IOS - or rather hoping
there is.



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We are doing a very similar thing, but we don't have to route to a LAC
address on the LNS,
our routes are to the client address (assigned by the LNS, from a
RADIUS server).

We do the routes dynamically via the use of the Framed-Route RADIUS


2006/2/10, Alex Foster <afoster at gammatelecom.com>:
> I am trying to set up a number of L2TP sessions to a 3620 using VPDNs.
> LAC is non cisco product - but works well and I have the tunnels
> and working.  What Im not sure about is how to route to the client
> on the back of the LAC.  Diagram:
> Client Network------LAC--------LNS-------ISP
> Its a basic config on the 3620 using the default VPDN group and a
> virtual-template.
> At the moment the only way I can route to the client network (from the
> network) is to configure a static route on the LNS (to the client
> via the tunnel address on the LAC (this address is assigned by the
LAC).  I
> need to scale this network beyond a few thousand users (3620 is only a
> box at the moment) so adding static routes to each client network isnt
> ideal - Im also not keen on using routing protocols.  Any help would
> appreciated.
> ...
> vpdn-enable
> !
> vpdn-group Access
> ! Default L2TP VPDN group
>  accept-dialin
>   protocol l2tp
>   virtual-template 1
>  no l2tp tunnel authentication
>  source-ip
> !
> !
> interface loopback 0
>  ip address
> !
> interface FastEthernet1/0
>  ip address
> !
> interface FastEthernet1/1
>  ip address
> !
> interface Virtual-Template1
>  ip unnumbered Loopback0
> !
> ip route
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