[c-nsp] Again question about moving to cisco 7606

Ventsislav Velkov veno at evrocom.net
Fri Feb 10 14:48:21 EST 2006

Hello again,
As I wrote in my previous e-mails, we are thinking to buy 7606 router. We are still trying to figure out,
what line cards we need for our needs. We need bgp, ospf, acls, policy routing, ip precedence match/rewrite,
and we will need maybe in the future class based queing/llq and mpls. I am wondering what to choose for the sup,
the SUP-720-3B or SUP-720-3BXL , may be we should invest more to prevent future incompatibility with new line cards.
As we are running mainly ethernet, I am wondering could I manage to do the above with the X6724-SFP or we should think about
SIP+SPA. At the moment we will need to pass about 2 gigs on this router, so SIP400+SPA-2x1GE will be fine, but I am also thinking
about moving the termination points from our extreme blackdiamond (acting mainly as L2 device) to the 76xx router in the future. Can somebody describe in a short, what features is missing the X6724 card compared to the SIP/SPA card. I am sure there are people who have tested and using both.

Thanks to all.

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